The Lamarche Family

Renowned for its ancient forests and stunning beaches, as well as for its exceptional wildlife viewing and vibrant surf culture, Tofino attracts visitors from around the world. Like Daniel and Barbara visited and made Tofino their home. The Lamarche Family has been living at their Chesterman Beach property for over 40 years raising two daughters who were very fortunate to grow up playing and surfing on Chesterman Beach.

About PCR

Daniel who worked in the fishing industry during the 70’ and later in the construction business, owns and operates their successful cedar outdoor furniture business since 1992. Daniel build their house by milling his own lumber from giant cedar and spruce trees from the property. Daniels craftsmanship and Barbara’s great flair for decor is well reflected in the carefully designed and well thought out vacation cabins – Cedar Shack & Surf Shack. Big and small details provide their guests with cozy-comfort and a touch of west coast luxury.

The gardens are beautifully landscaped and designed to preserve the natural vegetation with optimum privacy for each guest and owner. Daniel and Barbara have been welcoming guests to their property for over 20 years and are looking forward to your visit.

Local Memberships

  • Tofino Vacation Rental Association
  • Tourism Tofino Member
  • Tofino Chamber of Commerce
  • Tofino App